My Best Bits

Cat Deeley, the host of “So You Think You Can Dance” often will use the term “best bits” when showing a highlight video of one of the dancers.

So, I started thinking about my “Best Bits.”

Connecting people. I find most people fascinating and love to hear their stories. In the process, I always find out things that give me ideas of how to make connections to help them reach their goals. (Sometimes business goals and sometimes more personal goals.) Everybody has a story and it is fun for me to listen and help in some way.

Connecting ideas. I’m interested in many, many things. This is fun for me and gives me a unique perspective on how to make different things work together in a new way. I’ve often thought of myself as a kind of translator. I understand enough about different types of people and how their business works to make suggestions of alliances they may not have considered. With many years as a graphic designer, this ability to learn about a new client and their industry has always been a joyful part of my work.

Creative thinking. I have many experiences and bits of knowledge in my head and I’m always learning about new ideas, technologies and processes. Because of this, I am able to creatively take thoughts and ideas from a wide variety of experiences see how they can fit together. The very best bits come from collective creativity where focusing with a group of people to creatively explore ideas around a particular topic creates a batch of good, bad, different and impossible ideas – then taking all those ideas, choosing a few of the best ones and putting them together in an action plan. That is the basis of the Mindstorming process I use with clients to help them determine new ways to approach marketing, events or fundraising around a particular topic.

Having Fun! I like to laugh and gravitate toward people who make me laugh. I also have fun at most everything I do. (OK, I have to work at having fun when I clean the house, so I wait until it really needs it so I get that instant gratification rush of seeing it go from dirty to clean.) But, most others things are fun!

So, what are your Best Bits? And is anything stopping you from putting them out in the world?

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2 Responses to “My Best Bits”

  1. womanofwisdom Says:

    You’ve painted a very accurate picture of yourself, Vanessa. You are always connecting, creating and having fun. I think my best bits are that of exhorter, facilitator, and friend. Now that you’ve piqued my interest, I’m gonna figure that out!

    • vanessalowry Says:

      Debra, I love your best bits. Let me know what others you decide on in addition to exhorter, facilitator and friend. And, I’m grateful to be in your circle!

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