What’s Your Word

I recently finished the amazing book, “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I tend to flag things in books that I want to remember [those little post-it flags are one of the coolest inventions ever!] Ben laughs at my colorfully flagged books when I’m done.

So, one of the flagged segments I love is where Elizabeth is having a conversation with a friend about what word describes or defines you. Maybe not your entire life, but where you are right now.

I starting pondering what that word would be for me. A few days earlier I had heard a quote that resonated, “The only way to become experienced is to have experiences.” I have always loved having experiences more than having stuff. I seem to be drawn to experiences that I want to repeat over and over (like getting a great massage), as well as some that I hope never happen again (like getting divorced.) But, with each experience I expand my vision and learn more about me. So, I’ve decided “Experiences” is my word.

I was so enamored with this idea of a word description, that I posted it on LinkedIn and 42 people responded with their word.

Here are a few of my favorites:

What is your word? Join the conversation by adding your word in the comment section below.

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10 Responses to “What’s Your Word”

  1. Jennifer Escalona Says:

    How interesting! I think the interpretations of the question are just as fascinating as the answers. Most people chose a world to describe themselves, but others chose a word they say or an obsession. That just goes to show that, as my Granna says, “It takes all kinds to make a world.”

    • vanessalowry Says:

      It is a fun exercise in communication to see how what I meant to says isn’t always what is interpreted by the reader (or listener).

  2. Gina Abudi Says:

    I agree with Jennifer – very interesting. I loved when you posted this question on LinkedIn – it was fascinating to look at the responses and frankly – was lots of fun!


    • vanessalowry Says:

      Yeah! It was fun for me too! The most interesting part was there was so little duplication. I got a couple of “grateful” and a couple of “grace.” And, two whose word was “seeker.” Some of the duplicates were from conversations with people, so not all showing on the LinkedIn list.

  3. Debra Stokes Says:

    Thanks for sharing Vanessa. I remember my word: giver.

  4. Rab Says:

    I thought of a new one for myself… it’s “thimpacting.”

    It’s what happens when you act on those momentary impulsive thoughts, like putting bananas and sardines in the blender and hitting “puree,” without really worrying about the result.

  5. Mark McClure Says:

    OK, I’ll raise you 10 with… “experience of mastery” 😉
    Good LI thread!

    • vanessalowry Says:

      Ahh, mastery. Some of my experiences have successfully repeated enough to achieve a level of mastery, but there is great value in the “beginner mind” and being open to new experience as well!

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