Peace with Prosperity

Today is the 7th day of the new decade and the year of my Personal Peace and Play Project. I’ve given up goal setting in the traditional sense. I’ve decided instead to focus on what I want from life and “play” my life as a game of improv instead of trying to map it all out. Staying more present in this moment and choosing my next action from what is actually happening instead of what I expect to happen. Moving toward what feels like fun and where my passion and enthusiasm can create the greatest impact.

A water crystal after the word peace was written or spoken over it.

So, instead of focusing on wanting more money, I’m focusing on having peace with whatever prosperity I have. I’ve had times in my life when I’ve had a cushion of money in the bank and have still been anxious about losing it and about making more. The gift of not having that cushion now is that I am forced to focus on what I want from money anyway. I want peace around having $10 or around having $10 Million.

Hence, my Personal Peace and Play Project. I’m experimenting with ways to focus, which includes Days of Gratitude. Another action I’m taking is writing “PEACE $” across the solar plexus area of my chest with a marker each day. When I get anxious, I feel it in my chest. The first time I wrote this was a few nights ago just before bed, when I had felt anxious many times through the day. That night I slept all night without waking up (a very rare occurrence) and slept until almost 8am (an even rarer occurrence)!

And there is research to support my marker. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work includes extensive research around writing words or speaking words over water crystals and photographing how they change depending upon the words. And, since my body (and yours) is almost 60% water, it just makes sense to me that my marker-ing can only have a positive effect. Here is a video showing a variety of water crystals, including PEACE.

More on Peace and Play to come this year. I would love any ideas you have and what things you do for fun and peace.

~ Namaste

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2 Responses to “Peace with Prosperity”

  1. Sherri Says:


    I think we must be kindred souls – I am working on similar issues/thoughts with regard to prosperity. I feel prosperity and am not one to worry too much about money or needing more, but my financial circumstances are such that money is tight and there are moments where I wonder if I am paying enough attention to it. I have been forgoing earning money in the traditional sense in order to offer healing to others for a while now (Reiki/energy work/intuitive work). I feel it is my calling and it is greatly needed right now as many people are feeling a need for healing and to have more meaning in their lives.

    In the way of the world, however, sometimes fear creeps in…How will I meet financial obligations?….Am I being foolish or irresponsible?…. I know from a spiritual standpoint that this is merely Ego trying to get in my way (so it is kind of affirmation that it is the “right” path), but I still have to be persistent at keeping it away. I love your idea of writing PEACE $ on the solar plexus. I am a fan of Dr. Emoto’s work showing the power of words. I wrote something a while back on my website about the implications of his findings – thanks for reminding me how our words – to ourselves and others – can have such an effect. (FYI, here is my post about it: )

    I think I am going to have my own personal Peace and Play Project. Just thinking about it gives me a happy feeling. You are in inspiration!


    • vanessalowry Says:

      Sherri, I can’t wait to hear about YOUR Peace and Play Project. It will be fun to share experiences. 🙂

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