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Howdy Neighbors

February 3, 2019

On a walk yesterday in my neighborhood, this lawn art of a mop and broom couple in their Valentine attire caught my eye yesterday and tickled my fancy. (Just a few blocks from the Quinlan Visual Arts Center — a creative gem in our town.)

Signature Inspiration

January 30, 2019

I went to the exhibit at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center over the weekend and spent some time admiring the work of artist David Boyd, Jr.

While I loved his bold strokes and slightly abstract style, I was particularly drawn to his unique signature. I thought of taking a pic of his signature, but didn’t.

Today, I found his work online so here is an image that shows his signature. It is cropped down from a low resolution image, so you’ll have to use your imagination a bit.


I decided to play around with my last name to see if I could do something similar. I didn’t like it much, so I kept fooling around a bit with the letters. Then this cute little cat emerged. I doubt I’ll use this as a signature, but it was fun to let my creativity meander around a bit. Where is your creativity taking you today?


Shadows Playing with Light

January 29, 2019

I’m always fascinated by shadows. I hope this light play wets your creative whistle as much as it does mine!

Memories of Daisy

January 28, 2019
rain barrel photo

One section of Mom’s rain barrel, inspired by flowers she and my sister Lisa grew.

One of the Facebook groups I’m in posts daily prompts for creativity. Today’s prompt is “daisy” which, of course, makes me think of my maternal grandmother Daisy. A fun and feisty woman who loved her family, her flowers, and finding the good in every situation.

A couple of summers ago, I helped my mom paint her rain barrel and this is a section makes me think of Granny and the yellow rose by her house that she especially loved. I added the rose to our design, along with the daisies, in her honor. I made this video to commemorate the entire rain barrel painting project. 

I have wonderful memories of Granny and am always grateful when somethings brings her to mind.

Art for 30 Days

August 29, 2016

30 Days of Art hdr generic web

The Art for 30 Days challenge starts July 13, 2019

The Art for 30 Days challenge is so much fun! Here are a few participant comments:

“I have really enjoyed this! It has been so positive and encouraging and inspirational. I have learned a lot and enjoyed all the artists’ work. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.”

“For me, to create is as close as I can get to God, to the divine. It’s not about what I produce, or how long I spend doing it. It’s about that connection. With that said, I think spending 15 minutes with God just kinda rocks, and whatever comes out of it is always perfect.”

“It’s been exhilarating to see creativity in action.”

“Thank you Vanessa. You gave me the push I needed to start again!”

“Thank you. It’s been a lot of fun and has stimulated a lot of creativity.”

“Thank you for inviting me to join your 15 min a day, Art for 30 Days group!! YOU were the inspiration for me to stretch my creative boundaries … and watch out, I may get dangerous!!!”

Why Art for 30 Days?

It’s difficult to make the time to write, doodle, paint, color, knit, (fill in your fave art-y activity here). Art always seems to be on the bottom of the to-do list or doesn’t even make it ONTO the list. Let’s commit together to Art for 30 Days — a 15-minute a day creativity camp you do on your own from wherever you are starting July 13, 2019. Want in?

A research study showed that adults who dedicated two hours each week to creating or consuming art over a twelve-month period reported significantly better mental well-being. That’s just 15 minutes a day!

Join me! You don’t need to be an artist to get the benefits of creating and engaging in art. A study published in Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association found that creative activity significantly lessens stress in the body, regardless of artistic experience or talent.

In addition to making art/crafts/whatever, your 15 minutes can also be in consuming art. Research a new recipe, take a gander at an artist’s website, watch a crafty demo on YouTube, or listen to a podcast. Whatever fills you up.

Then come over and post what you’re doing. It will be fun!

Our next Art for 30 Days challenge starts July 13, 2019. In the meantime, you’re welcome to join the group and post your creations, share cool art-y stuff, and cheer one another on.

Need an idea for your next creative project? Check out these step-by-step videos.