screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-10-41-14-am[Sept 2016] Affirmative Prayer: Activating the Power of Yes with Rev. Beverly Molander

Beverly and I talk about how I encourage creativity with initiatives like my Art in 30 Days Facebook group, my doodling classes, how I help people get published, and my Art as Worship radio show. It is never too late to start being your creative self. Listen here.


[August 2016] Journey to There with Traci DeForge: Collaboration is the Key

Traci and I discuss the value of collaboration and how our collaboration has elevated both of our successes and created a wonderful friendship. You’ll hear behind the scenes stories on the development of our clients projects, gain insight on the role collaboration plays when it comes to competition, and learn the two essential things to look for when finding a collaborative partner. Listen here.

farkas-files[June 2016] The Farkas Files with David Franklin Farkas

The Farkas Files and my radio show Art as Worship broadcast and archived on Empower Radio. In this interview, David and I talk about artists I’ve interviewed and the common theme of creating art as a spiritual practice. We also discuss my personal practice of doodling as a meditation and how others finding doodling and coloring as a way to relax and recharge. Listen here.

ccclogo[May 2016] Creating Content Club with Dawn Shuler

Dawn and I talk about art, doodling, and leveraging your content, along with ideas for adding art to your business and your content. Members listen to this interview and an online library full of others for free.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-11-42-38-am[August 2015] The Happiness Recipe with Sandy Weaver and June Cline

June Cline, Sandy Weaver, and I have been friends a long time and I was thrilled when invited to be one of the first guests on Happiness Recipe. Our conversation is about spirituality, art, and my wonderful relationship with my mom, complete with gardening and cooking memories. As a matter of fact, the recipe for Alma Lowry’s fried green tomatoes is included here. Listen here.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-11-48-35-am[April 2013] GBDNtv with Diane Bogino

In this 6.5 minute interview on Georgia Business Development Networking, Diane and I talk about the importance of targeting your marketing to more effectively reach your ideal client. Watch here.

28day-authors[Feb 2013] Write Here, Write Now interview with Vanessa and five coauthors of The 28 Day Thought Diet

Kyle Young, Jeanie Ward, Cheryl Anne McGill and Andy Greider, joined with twenty-one other authors to publish their first book, The 28-Day Thought Diet. In addition to hosting this episode of Write Here, Write Now, I developed the concept for this book, gathered collaborators, designed the cover, formatted the interior, and managing the publishing process. Listen here.

thumbnail[March 2012] Journey to Center with Tammi Baliszewski

Are you ready to claim greater creativity? Maybe self-publish and market your book? On this edition of Journey to Center, Dr. Tammi and I talk about art, book publishing, and how everyone can to up-level the creativity quotient in their lives. Listen here.

screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-12-03-54-pm[Dec 2011] GBDNtv with Diane Bogino

In this 13.5 minute video on Georgia Business Directory Network, Diane and I talk about the benefits of becoming a published author and my new book, Publishing as a Marketing Strategy. Watch here.

whwn-publishing-as-marketing-book[Dec 2011] Publishing as a Marketing Strategy discussion on Write Here, Write Now

This is a lively discussion with five of the coauthors of Publishing as a Marketing Strategy. Join Dr. Tim Morrison and Stone Payton as they interview me along with my coauthors Joan Boneberg, Bonnie Daneker, Angela DeCaires (filling in for Ahmad Meradji), and Anita Paul Henderson. Learn how writing a book clarifies your thinking, builds credibility, and works every day to deliver your message with authority. Listen here.

write-here-write-now-april2011[April 2011] Write Here, Write Now Inaugural Show with Dr. Tim Morrison

Dr. Tim Morrison interviews me, Joe Colavito and Kevin Quiles about our journeys to becoming published authors. At the time of this interview, I had written two books and was focusing my business on working with authors to design and promote their books. Listen here.

improv-authors-atbusradio[Feb 2011] Atlanta Business Radio with Lee Kantor and Amy Otto

Hosts Amy Otto and Lee Kantor talk with me and four other coauthors of Improv to Improve Your Business. Brent Brooks, Rob Duncan, Leah Henderson, Jim Hogan, and I discuss how using the principles of improvisation can foster communication, creativity, and innovation in business. Listen here.

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