COVID-19 Color for Calm

“The once-niche hobby has now grown into a full-on trend, with everyone from researchers at Johns Hopkins University to the editors of Yoga Journal suggesting coloring as an alternative to meditation.” ~ Psychology Today

Coloring books specifically aimed at adults became hugely popular a few years ago. Enthusiasts say coloring helps them stay focused, reduces their anxiety, and brings a new sort of mindfulness to their lives.

While businesses are starting to reopen in the wake of COVID-19, anxiety has risen for even the most optimist among us. Feelings of uncertainty have wreaked havoc on mental health, for those working remotely while juggling additional responsibilities at home, those isolated alone, and especially those unable to work or whose jobs have been lost. And the pandemic is far from over.

Now is the perfect time to use structured coloring as a creative way to mindfully disconnect from feelings of overwhelm and calm negative emotions. The Center for Workplace Mental Health encourages people to, “Engage in activities that benefit your well-being, bring you joy and distract you from existing challenges.”

Create Your Own Customized Coloring Booklet to Share with Associates or Customers

sample coloring booklet

Click for a sample mockup

The Color for Calm ten-page booklet can be customized with your organization’s logo, website url, key messages, fonts, and colors.

Send your customized pdf to customers by email or make it available as a download from your organization’s intranet for associates. Recipients can print the pages at home. Not only will coloring give them a chance to do something creative and calming, but it’s an activity their family members can also enjoy.

With the print-at-home pdf, the same page can be colored multiple times using a variety of color choices. Even after the pandemic is over, these coloring pages can be fun for your associates and your customers, as well as their families and friends.

A one-time investment of $750

With unlimited downloads of your coloring booklet, your investment of $750 includes customization of your Color for Calm booklet with:

  • any headline you specify for the cover
  • your message of up to 250 words on page 2 of your booklet
  • eight pages of art and messages
  • your logo and website url on every page

If you also want to commercially print your booklet, there is a $50 charge to prepare the press-ready file. Let’s talk so you get the type and size of file your printer requires.

art options for coloring pages

Click to see art options

sample messages for coloring pages

Click to see sample messages

Choose 8 art options from the art options file shown on the left — all doodle designs were drawn by Vanessa Lowry.

Supply a message of up to 250 words for page 2 of your booklet and a short message for each of your 8 coloring pages. Click on the file shown on the right for suggestions of the types of messages you can include on your coloring pages along with sample messages from which you can choose.


Call Vanessa Lowry at 678-521-8820 to get started today or contact her via email at vlowry (@)

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