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Keeping Healthy, add it to the list!

July 3, 2009

In conversation with my sister, we decided that keeping healthy is easy. We’ll just find all the things we wouldn’t do anyway and add them to our “refraining in the name of health” list.

Lisa and I often have to-do lists and when we find that our day has been filled with activities that weren’t on our original list, we add them after the fact and mark them off immediately. A much deeper sense of satisfaction that berating yourself for not getting the other things on your list complete!

So, back to the things I’m giving up for my health:
• I won’t be running in ultra-marathons — those people are nuts, just my humble opinion! [The annual Roswell-tree is more my style which includes breakfast with fun participants after the race is complete. This year, we also get tiaras!]

• I won’t be bungie jumping or base jumping — to repeat myself, nuts! JMHO
[Now, the YogaSwing… that is fun!]

• No competitive eating
[I eat for pleasure … or for stress relief. Neither of which would be served in this sport. Although, I remember when I was a kid and eating cherries from my grandmother’s backyard tree. My brother, sister and I looked like we were doing a little competitive eating from the cherry juice staining our mouth and hands!]

What are you giving up for health?
Here are some other things I may add to my list. (Thanks to those who answered my LinkedIn question!)

Extreme parachute snow skiing; freestyle stunt and trick street motorcycle riding; mosh pits; sky-diving; leaping off tall buildings

Add your comment below, but make sure it is something you wouldn’t do anyway!