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Mistaken Identity

February 8, 2019

For about 6 years, I had a side business selling note cards I designed with a focus on using handwritten notes as a marketing strategy for making impactful business connections. I was a bit ahead of Send Out Cards, but without their deep pockets or their online technology component.

I gave many presentations to business groups and often included this quote attributed to Maya Angelou.

One day after my talk, a woman told me how much she loved my presentation… especially the quote by Michelangelo. I decided correcting her would NOT make her feel good, so I said thank you and let it go. It still makes me laugh and I’m now more conscious of my pronunciation!

Kudos to Gillette

January 31, 2019

While working on a client project this week, I was doing research on the commercials for the upcoming Super Bowl. (About 3/4 of advertisers release them in advance now.)

I love, love, love this new campaign by Gilette in response to the #MeToo movement. This Gillette commercial is getting a lot of buzz along with Super Bowl ads, but won’t be aired during the game.

Gillette Ad in response to #MeToo

Gillette’s new campaign is called “The Best Men Can Be”, an update of its tagline from 30 years ago, “The Best a Man Can Get.” It promises to donate $1 million per year for three years to American non-profit organizations dedicated to educating and helping men become their own “personal best.”

Evidently a lot of men don’t like being called out on their bad behavior. Interestingly, the YouTube video is on track to be the most disliked ever. As of today, Jan 31st, the video has nearly 28 million views, about 750K likes, and 1.3 million dislikes.

You might find this article interesting where they talk about this campaign and other brands that have approached their advertising as a form of social communication.