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47 Thanks to Celebrate 47 Years

August 22, 2009

1. Ben, my cutie-pie husband of 1 year today
2. Cleo, TC and Squeak, our furry kids… nothing beats purring cat therapy
3. The love and support of my family… you are the best!
4. Good health – mine, Ben’s, my parents and more
5. My friends… the absolute coolest people!
6. Good genes (the DNA kind!)
7. Good jeans (the spandex kind!)
8. A creative mind
9. Eyesight that lets me take in beauty all around
10. All of my senses… grateful for the full experience!
11. Flowers! Spring is my favorite time in Atlanta when the world is in bloom
12. Martial arts training which opened the door to an expanded spiritual awareness and alternative healing modalities
13. Massage and reflexology… giving and getting
14. Chocolate chip cookies (especially my Aunt Doris Ann’s cookies!)
15. Smores Crunch Bars from Medifast
16. Summer fruit… Blueberries, Bing Cherries, Watermelon
17. Anything my mom cooks (or bakes)
18. Restaurants with yummy breakfast menus: J. Christopher’s, Flying Biscuit, Flavor Café
19. I could have an entire list of foods! Grateful that I have easy access to a wide variety of healthy and delicious food.
20. Clients that love to hire me, are fun to work with and pay quickly!
21. God Winks, the synchronicities I encounter ALL THE TIME!
22. My Mac
23. My iPhone
24. An interesting life with many opportunities
25. Easily connecting with people I meet and helping others connect
26. Adding value and making money from a variety of revenue streams
27. Uniquely combining things/ideas/people to create something new
28. My intuition and emotional guidance system
29. Living in a cool house that Ben and I both love
30. Beauty products including Hydrating Gel from Mary Kay, Ginger Rush body lotion from Origins and White Citrus cologne from Bath & Body Works.
31. Getting people together for events like the Roswell-tree
32. Doing Good!
33. Receiving Good!
34. Movies in 3D… love the special effects
35. Live theatrical performances
36. So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars… so fun to watch!
37. Reading… so many books, so little time!
38. Restful sleep
39. Being in nature… especially mountains and beaches
40. My grandmothers. Strong mountain women who loved their families and raised great kids who became my parents.
41. Creating cool designs that effectively communicate a message
42. Learning about our magnificent bodies. What a miracle in how our body functions and repairs itself.
43. Being physically active
44. Having people in my life who make me laugh
45. Technology … how it helps me connect to people and work with greater flexibility
46. Having Choices and knowing EVERYTHING works together for my good
47. Knowing that I am an instrument through which God loves other people

Food, Glorious Food… Part 2

July 20, 2009

Anyone who knows me, knows that I truly enjoy eating. I’m so appreciative that I live where I have a wide variety of food available AND that I have the money to buy the food I want. It is amazing how many can’t afford tasty and nutritious food.

With gratitude for what I have, I’m a long-time supporter of the Atlanta Community Food Bank. A study from 2006-2007 showed an estimated 42,000 people receive food assistance EACH WEEK from non-profits that partner with the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The need is greater now with the challenges in our economy.

The Roswell-tree is a fun example of one of the ways I help the Food Bank and get other people involved. My friend Sally founded the “Tree” in 2006 and I’ve been a Co-Committee Chair since 2007. With our slogan of “Running for Breakfast,” the Atlanta Community Food Bank was a natural fit as the cause for our quirky race to support. You can read the history and the rules of the Roswell-tree at

Vanessa, Sally and Santa getting ready for the Roswell-tree start

Vanessa, Sally and Santa getting ready for the Roswell-tree start

Sally and I love to have fun, love to get people together and love to help others. So, the Roswell-tree is a great way to have a Win/Win/Win experience for everyone. The best part of our July 4th extravaganza is that everyone wins. This year, each participant won their unique division, we raised $2,500 for the Atlanta Community Food Bank and we had fun all morning – at the race and afterward at breakfast. Check out the photos from this year’s event.

Our new rule for 2009 was that each participant had to do a celebratory dance over the finish line. Wow, were people creative! Fleet Feet gift certificates went to the top 4 winners as judged by Santa. (Sally and I each got a “Caught Being Nice” button from Santa!) The Roswell-tree always has the best sponsors and the coolest participants. Kudos to everyone on making this year’s event the best so far.

Mark the Roswell-tree on your calendar for July 4, 2010. The Committee already has some big plans to the make the 5th Annual Roswell-tree even better. You won’t want to miss it.

PS: Now is the perfect time to make a donation to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. John Smoltz, former Atlanta Braves pitcher, will double the impact of your gift! He has offered a $25,000 matching grant to inspire supporters of the Food Bank to give. Donate here.